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DÀNÍT’ÁDÀ Welcome to Onespot Crossing Campground

Nestled amidst evergreen forests, embraced by foothills, and situated in the enchanting Elbow River valleys and trails, this captivating travel destination lies northwest of Bragg Creek, close to Calgary, near the majestic Rocky Mountains and Kananaskis Country. Onespot Crossing is an extraordinary retreat with a perfect blend of rustic charm and subtle refinement, all set on the ancestral lands of the Tsuut’ina First Nation. Owned and operated by Ginger and David Onespot, this unique campground offers much more than a place to pitch a tent.

Onespot Crossing Campground proudly serves as a host venue for various educational institutions, sports groups, special youth events, corporate retreats, and organizations seeking to embrace traditional indigenous knowledge, perspectives, and ways of life, both from the past and present.

Visitors to this extraordinary place get the opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of history, experience the challenges faced by the First Nation, appreciate the land’s significance, connect with nature’s creatures, listen to captivating songs and stories, and even learn the art of making the famous bannock recipe passed down through generations. The beat of drums and mesmerizing dances during Pow Wows adds to the immersive experience. Guests can also partake in Medicine Walks or Drum Making, which not only enlightens them about the indigenous heritage but also offers valuable insights into their own selves.

For the team at Onespot Crossing Campground, tourism transcends beyond mere exploration; it becomes an act of reconciliation.

“We believe that walking on the land with love and respect alongside all Nations and all relations is at the core of living in a good way.”

Their deep-rooted connection to the land remains unbroken. Just imagine the joy of walking or hiking through the serene forest, gathering around a crackling campfire under a star-studded sky, or camping along the gentle flow of the Elbow River, listening to the soothing water’s lapping sounds. Engaging in activities like stargazing, fishing, biking, tubing, wildlife watching, observing buffalos, indulging in summer picnics, and savoring outdoor barbecues, all contribute to a truly nourishing experience in the lap of nature.

At the heart of their mission lies cultural bridging and reconciliation. Through the utilization of traditional skills from diverse cultures, the Onespot Crossing Campground strives to instill appreciation and respect for all people who coexist with the indigenous communities on this beautiful land.  As they put it,

“The land speaks to us… let it speak to you. You are never alone; your surroundings are always alive.”

This sentiment embodies the essence of the unparalleled connection they foster between visitors and the remarkable natural and cultural heritage that abounds in this breathtaking destination.

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Reviving our Culture and Traditions

We work diligently to revive and rekindle parts of our rich culture, namely through a journey of self-discovery through language, history, cultural traditions, ceremony, gatherings, practices and teachings that were almost lost to us.

We are committed to Informing, Inspiring, and Facilitating the exchange of information reflecting our culture to a growing and diverse audience.

Onespot Crossing on the Tsuutina First Nations land was  an ancient village steeped in tradition and history extending back at least 10,000 years to the last Ice Age.

Archeological evidence of several encampments, cultural refuse, bison kill and processing sites, teepee rings and stone features have been documented. These camps, found close to the Elbow River systems, suggest the dependency of Canada’s First Nation’s people on the River and the Buffalo for resources for shelter, fire wood, supply, and food                                      

They say even now as you walk the grasslands, the prairies, the foothills, along the Elbow River

You can still feel … part of the Buffalo Spirit Land

Land. Heart. We are what we were and always will be.

Walk this homeland with me.

Make Onespot Crossing Campground your home base for other little adventure tours

We are the perfect home base to explore so many other nearby adventures….we are minutes from the village of Bragg Creek, Redwood Golf course, and within 40 minutes from the great city of Calgary and 2 hours of driving or less you will find mountainous landscapes of Canmore, Banff, Kananaskis country ….

We are your gateway to the Rocky Mountains